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The Equipe Race Academy

Equipe Classic has always been a great place to start Historic Racing. Affordable cars and good value entry fees combined with a friendly atmosphere have all combined to give each season some new drivers to the sport.

Racing for the first time can be a daunting prospect. Buying the right car, helmet, overalls and taking an ARDS course are only the starting point. The first race can be a stressful event of scrutineering, briefings, and finding your way around the paddock and to the assembly area – and this is all before you have been on the track…

In 2017 we introduced The Equipe Race Academy and are proud to announce that we helped 9 drivers start their historic racing career .

For many of these drivers the process started with general conversations about joining the series, car selection and advice on regulations and equipment. At each race this year we will have an Academy briefing at each track to run through critical pointers for the day. This will include paddock layout, scrutineering and assembly areas, specific information about the race and any information about the track and the conditions on the day.

We hope this will make the transition from novice to race winner a smooth process…

If you are thinking of joining us this year or at any time in the future call either John or Rob on the phone numbers in the contact page.